Sadly, there are times when biological mothers and fathers are not the best parents for their children. Psychological problems, criminal activity, or drug or alcohol addiction impairs their ability to provide basic care or make appropriate decisions regarding their children. In many cases, family members or friends step in to protect children through guardianships, including those that lead to adoptions.

Grandparents and other close relatives want to take immediate action when mothers and fathers are failing in their obligations to care for their children. If you are dealing with this highly emotional issue, contact Law Offices of Niedens & Groce , LLP. In our consultations, we will spend time with you to understand the concerns you have and the obstacles you face.

As experienced family law attorneys, we have witnessed firsthand the immediate impact of a guardianship case on a family. In handling all aspects of these cases, we factor in not only the longevity of these cases, but the possible and quite drastic changes in family dynamics.

Ventura County Guardianship And Adoption Lawyers

Some guardianships lead to adoptions, a legal process where the guardians become the legal parents to provide long-term stability for the child. While cases are driven by facts and the law, we do not ignore the personal fallout that can occur in a family.

Prior to an adoption being granted, whether it stems from a guardianship, a step-parent or relative relationship, or an independent proceeding, the legal parents must either have consented to the adoption or the court must issue a legal decree terminating their parental rights. Termination of parental rights is a complex process with many specific requirements, necessitating great attention to detail. Our knowledgeable firm has been very successful in obtaining orders of parental termination, which have been upheld on appeal consistently and unanimously every time.

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