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The practice of family law covers a wide variety of legally complex and emotionally charged areas. In addition to divorce, dissolution of marriage and dissolution of domestic partnerships, our family law office regularly negotiates and litigates cases with issues in the following areas:

Same Sex Relationship Issues 

Whether the family that is breaking up is an opposite sex couple or a same sex couple, they will face the same issues regarding child custody, child visitation, child support and establishing parental rights. This area of the law is changing rapidly and there are more published opinions providing guidance for same sex couples. It is important to have an experienced family law attorney that is current and up to date in this area.

Establishing Parental Relations

In cases where the parents are not married or registered domestic partners, either parent may file a Petition under the Uniform Parentage Act to establish the parent/child relationship with both parents in order for the court to make orders regarding their children and each of the parents’ respective rights and duties. Frequently this is called a “Paternity Action” though it includes same-sex parents. These cases must meet certain statutory criteria in order to establish the parent-child relationship and particular attention should be directed to the specific criteria necessary to meet the parent’s burden of proof.

Child Support

The financial issues regarding child support, day-care expenses, and uncovered medical expenses are issues that are immediate when the relationship between the parents ends. For the most part, these issues are determined by a formula that depends on the income of the parties, the impact of taxes, and various specific expenses. It is important to have an accurate factual picture of the parties’ finances, which may require obtaining financial documents, analysis, and sometimes the assistance of a forensic accountant.

Child Custody and Child Visitation

Frequently these issues arise very early in a family law matter, whether it is due to a dissolution or a paternity action. Sometimes immediate or ex parte orders are necessary and helpful to assist a family to establish parameters for their children. Orders for Child Custody and Visitation can designate which parent will be able to make decisions regarding the children, the timeshare arrangement, appropriate conditions for visitation, including whether the visitation should be supervised, and specific protocols for the parties to follow regarding their children’s activities. Having clear child custody and child visitation orders can minimize conflict and help the children maintain important relationships in a healthy safe manner.

Move Away Cases

If a parent moves away from the geographical area and the distance would prevent the children seeing both parents on a regular and frequent basis, the decision as to where the children will live is usually disputed and ultimately litigated. Frequently it will involve a psychological/custody evaluation to determine what plan will be in the child’s best interests.

Modifications of Child Custody, Child Visitation and Child Support

Orders that are entered prior to a Judgment being finalized are considered temporary orders. Agreements and court orders that are made in the initial divorce proceeding are based on circumstances at that time. As time passes, new facts including employment changes, second marriages, blended families and children getting older can provide a basis to modify the Judgment provisions.

Domestic Violence/ Restraining Orders

When there are issues of physical, emotional or verbal abuse that meet the statutory criteria, a domestic violence restraining order can provide legal boundaries regarding contacts and communication, stay-away orders, and requirements for anger management classes. Violations of these orders can result in jail incarceration. These orders can impact child custody and visitation orders. Protecting our clients goes beyond just their rights and there are occasions when violence issues arise, requiring restraining orders. Our firm is experienced in obtaining and defending against Domestic Violence Restraining Orders.

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