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Skilled Family Law Attorneys

Our experienced and dedicated family law attorneys will identify your goals and the specific issues you are facing.

Family Law

The practice of family law covers a wide variety of legally complex and emotionally charged areas. In addition to divorce, dissolution of marriage and dissolution of domestic partnerships, our family law office regularly negotiates and litigates cases with issues in the following areas.


Sadly, there are times when biological mothers and fathers are not the best parents for their children. Psychological problems, criminal activity, or drug or alcohol addiction impairs their ability to provide basic care or make appropriate decisions regarding their children.


At Law Offices of Niedens & Groce , LLP, our attorneys recognize the decision to file for dissolution of marriage, dissolution of domestic partnership or legal separation is probably one of the most stressful and difficult decisions you will make.


Frequently custody and visitation issues arise very early in a family law matter, whether it is due to a dissolution or a parentage action. Sometimes immediate or ex parte orders are necessary and helpful to assist a family to establish parameters for their children.


At Law Offices of Niedens & Groce , LLP, you can expect a lawyer to spend a great deal of time with you at our Camarillo office, starting with your initial consultation. Our experienced and dedicated family law attorneys will identify your goals and the specific issues you are facing. They will also address your concerns regarding the impact your case will have on you and your family, both personally and financially.


“I can’t Thank Jennifer enough for all that she has done for me in my divorce and custody case. She is so knowledgeable and takes the time to know her clients. She is an amazing lawyer and who ever hires Jennifer can rest assure that she will do her best to help her clients as much as possible and win their case.”
Diana, A Child Custody Client
“After hiring two other attorneys and wasting time and money, a friend recommend MARSHA. After being left destitute, homeless and living in my car with my horrific divorce she gave me excellent legal advice leading to me getting back on my feet into my own apartment. She allowed me to make reasonable payments that where affordable.”
Mary-Pat M., Alimony Client
“Jennifer did a truly great job!!! She was fast, efficient and explained everything so that it could be understood. She got the job done when a prior attorney could not do so. I highly recommend this attorney.”
Steve, A Divorce Client
“I highly recommend Marsha as an attorney. Having two young children in a high conflict divorce, I needed an attorney that would be honest with me about what would be resonable expectations for my children. Court at times does not seem fair and I quickly learned that if you leave the courts/judges to make decisions for your family matters, you may not like the outcome.”
Pam, A Family Law Client